Go-To-Heaven Card


while i used to be a infant, Monopoly was considered one of my most favored board games. We ought to play for hours to acquire the most assets. the primary goal was to personal a couple of resorts on Eloff avenue. With tough paintings, appropriate planning and a bit of luck right here and there you may subsequently grow to be a assets tycoon. some of us colluded to have every other participant declared bankrupt. a few crooked and borrowed money from the bank and “forgot” to pay it lower back. yes, no longer each player’s approach smelt so sparkling.

i used to be completely scared of going to jail due to the fact it’d be deadly to should sit out multiple rounds. The exceptional of eager about me turned into to land on the “threat” space and, fine of all, to get a “Get out of prison free” card. This card may want to deliver me that more little push to eventually win the game.

Monopoly is only a smaller version of life. we all start life on an equal footing. We arrive with not anything.

some humans play well in keeping with the guidelines and emerge as very a hit. Others don’t and also become very successful. some regularly take a flip in prison because of the picks they make.

but subsequently, after our existence in the world, we’re all at the manner to the everlasting jail, or as the Bible calls it, eternal damnation. those who call a spade a spade genuinely calls it hell. This very last destination is what we all deserved because of the numerous, many sins we devote. We deserved it one hundred%.


however God could not bear this happening to each of His creatures. 9God did not set us up for an irritated rejection but for salvation by means of our grasp, Jesus Christ. 10He died for us, a demise that brought on existence. whether or not we are wide awake with the dwelling or asleep with the useless, we are alive with him!

In actual life, there is a “go to heaven” card for every people. You don’t deserve it but you get hold of it, due to the fact you spot, Jesus paid for it. He paid dearly along with his blood and lifestyles. sure, heaven is unfastened, however it price so very an awful lot. The life of our King God’s Son.

maximum terrific of all is that everybody can have it. You don’t have to have luck for your aspect, like in Monopoly, to stop on the “danger” block by using danger. No, all of us can acquire this “visit heaven” card.

pass and stay a lifestyles of joy and never-ending peace and display each Tom, Dick and Harry your “visit heaven” card.

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have you ever picked up your card?

have you shown it to others?

Who do you’ve got to show it to today or the next day?


Thank you, Jesus, that i have a place in heaven because You had been prepared to bear the punishment for my sins. I need to expose my gratitude by residing a life of obedience to You. My heart overflows with pleasure. Amen.

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