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In one of the seminars I attended, we were advised to examine what we love to do, to have a look at our strengths, and focus on that.

We deserve to live lifestyles doing the matters we adore and loving the matters we do!
nicely, i like to write down and i additionally like to study.

i like TO examine

developing up, i would simply be in my room reading anything ebook changed into available. There were no iPads then, so books have been my satisfactory buddies!

we’ve a mini library at home, terrific-mini but it became all powerful books.

It was all mother’s books. She compiled, offered and gathered books about successful fulfillment, books of Napoleon Hill, Dale Carnegie and Norman Vincent Peale among others.

sure, i’ve additionally grown to like libraries and checking books out too!

In high school, i might be drowsing overdue just to finish studying pocketbooks!

In college, i’d simplest be at the dormitory on weekends, completing books of Sydney Sheldon and Danielle Steele.


Then, once I graduated from college, my hobby modified from fiction to non-fiction. I fell in love with self-assist books!

i would be consuming my lunch quickly just with a purpose to spend some more time inside the book place close to my administrative center and experience more time with powerful authors like Leo Buscaglia; Wayne Dyer; Andrew Matthews, our very own Bo Sanchez, amongst others.

Up until now, I nonetheless try and read as a good deal as I could; and am passing the habit to my kids.

there may be just so lots power inside the written phrase.

analyzing permits us to develop our horizon; look beyond our own “bins”; get to recognise ourselves more and study our strength inside.
those authors influenced, stimulated, and modified my life and that they retain to accomplish that.

maybe, there had been the reasons why I also love to write.

but there’s one very vital e-book that I, from time to time, generally tend to forget.


My mother said one time that her father (my grandfather) examine the bible day by day, and whilst he turned into ultimately capable to complete it, he died!

adequate, kinda frightening, right? maybe that become the purpose I veered faraway from studying it and simply rely on Sunday readings. I think I opted to read the image Bible e-book from cover to cowl, it felt safer.

Kidding aside, I experience I ought to begin reading it once moreā€¦

anyway, sufficient approximately me, what approximately you? What do you like to do? What are your strengths? What makes glad?

do not you believe you studied it’s approximately time to recognition on stuff you like to do to make you adore existence more?


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