Time Is All You Have, So Why Not Befriend It?


Befriend time? but isn’t always it the aspect that nips at your heels and makes you fear about preserving up?

properly, that is in part authentic. at the same time as time is absolute, concrete, and typical, you simply do have picks approximately how you relate to it.

So, while you think about time, do you include it as your buddy? Or do you feel pushed and trapped by it, as if it is your enemy?

I invite you to “befriend time” by studying a way to align your selections along with your values. that is a sensible selection to make. but allow’s discover just why this is by way of first assimilating a essential, inescapable reality:
“Time is the heart of life.”
Abraham Joshua Heschel

it is the context for all people, irrespective of who we’re or what we do. everything flows from time and is contained by way of it. This context is both frustrating and liberating, relying to your method. To live efficiently, you must relate to time effectively!

it is a part of our frequent language, and it sincerely is inescapable:

almost anyone wears an eye.
we have timers on many appliances, which includes our stoves, our computers and our VCR’s.
massive Ben and times rectangular reflect time’s centrality, global.
We flow inside larger rhythms, as nicely.

Farmers watch the movement of the solar through the sky and the transitions of the seasons.
All cultures honor the waft of seasons and years with unique rituals.
whether you govern your selections by means of clocks or with the aid of the sun, you ought to live within the 24 hours allotted to you every day. Time is the top notch equalizer in this respect. We every acquire this valuable gift in exactly the equal amount for each and every day that we live.

when you spend time, it’s miles long gone. there’s no way of having it again. misplaced possibilities can be replaced, however they’ll no longer be regained. every preference you make sets your route in desired or undesirable directions. there’s no get dressed practice session and no instantaneous replay, and this fact may be horrifying because it shows our inability to control time.


You can’t “manipulate time,” no matter how much you could need to. You most effective can manipulate your choices. You can also either technique this truth with fear or with admire. whilst you worry “dropping time.” you may panic, procrastinate, or feel overwhelmed and therefore generate more panic! as a substitute, genuinely respecting that time is irreversible can encourage you to prioritize your time picks in approaches that healthy your price gadget.

Time is a commodity, so it is essential to be cozy along with your time picks. it is helpful to update the worry-primarily based scarcity mentality with remedy to align some time selections with your values, each in day by day choices and on your existence. As you make that shift, you may generate more creative and efficient time picks.

Time is neutral. It simply is. there’s no inherent price or value judgment around time, besides for the cost judgment you’re making about a way to use your time. So I, inspire you to look at some time selections with curiosity, now not judgment. you could learn to revise time alternatives so they truely fit your non-public values. that is one of the maximum vital steps you may take to befriend time and take fee of it is impact in your lifestyles.

begin spending time now being aware about a while picks. Are these active or proactive? Are they driven with the aid of your existence values or by pressures from others?

let’s explore time collectively!

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