Who Am I?


In your human shape you are who you are proper now. you are the human form wherein your soul has selected to revel in itself. but for me first and major we are of soul. Our Soul came first and the human shape acts as an overcoat that dress the soul on this truth. The soul came into being as a spark of existence, shaped inside the thoughts of the author and birthed from its coronary heart as a lovely divine being of affection. Our soul is a manifestation of the closing love given by the author of all life bureaucracy. Soul is the source; a microcosm of the entire; a cell in the frame of the author attention.

The endless source of life that flows through all residing beings is the source that creates all life. Our supply, our soul, is that same lifestyles pressure. we’re the supply of our personal life. we’re all self developing. Our thoughts, which might be sourced from our minds go on to create the reality of our human life and studies. they are are what decide our obstacles and our outcomes. however our soul alternatively is infinite, this means that we too are limitless. Our soul permits us to break unfastened from all restrictive, apprehensive questioning and those many subconscious barriers that we place on ourselves thru fear of “what-if”, or what others may think about us; or the dangerous need to please others for worry of rejection, as an instance.

The heart of introduction beats inside our soul; our soul talks via our coronary heart. while are heart and mind is aligned then our soul is maximum at peace and able to express itself more completely. Its presence takes up residence in our thoughts guiding our thoughts to be of a loving nature, without worry or doubt. Our soul will always display us the manner of affection, in which compassion and knowledge create an infinite flow of possibilities to express ourselves from our true nature and no longer from our ego.

when I do join inside the soul, and feels its love flowing through me i am continually misplaced for phrases. I take a seat spellbound inside its energy and that i know and experience it speakme to me, through my body and my thoughts. I feel wrapped in love. it’s miles bliss. i am humbled, but I sense strong and assured. i’m in awe of what i’m feeling; yet I recognize that I really need to feel this way and i’m definitely unashamedly worth of affection. I do discover it tough to describe, as our language can not do it justice or describe it accurately. it’s not so much about words, but extra allowing our selves to enjoy Soul as opposed to trying to wrap our minds round it. it is able to feel like fireworks lightly and lovingly exploding internal our body even as exuding a warm temperature that flows like silken honey into each ‘nook and cranny’ filling us up to feelings of wholeness and completeness.

just being…
we will simply take a seat and enjoy this maximum high-quality alignment taking vicinity bringing our heart, our mind and our frame together in this sort of way as to make us sense so blessed, so loved and so safe. We simply should allow our selves to revel in our Soul’s presence, For while we do our Soul takes us into yet another realm, every other dimension of experience; to an area in which we experience so connected and so non violent. wherein time does not exist and we come to recognize the which means of just who we are and of simply ‘being’. A feel of being with out expectation, however certainly one of popularity and knowing all is properly and may be. That it ‘simply is’. this feeling alone is gold dust and something to be valuable. think about it, a life without worry, war or strain. A life of understanding which you are fully supported and continually sorted. How fantastic…


Our human body has its very own precise form, which identifies our body type and our blood type. Our physical frame is precise to each one of us. Our soul has its very own specific shape. every Soul’s pattern is unique to that Soul. The Soul pattern depicts the Soul’s stories and may be seemed because the Soul Blueprint. every Soul is like our thumbprint, which is our singular soul identity. No are the equal. each one folks is unique. Even our minds, do no longer, of their entirety, assume similar to some other thoughts. Our Souls, our bodies, and our minds via which we understand existence set up apart as people. We might also have all come from the only source, however the expression of our area of expertise through each of these avenues as i like to term them, offers a most valuable gift and significant opportunity to enjoy the complete high-quality pot pouri called lifestyles.

God is just like the hand, the palm of the hand and the fingers and thumbs are all of the Souls born from God and expressing God’s love. Our Souls are unique extensions of Its love, and it is through our Soul that it is able to display Itself. Our human Self may be considered as an extension of our Soul and consequently God. Our Soul is a transformer, turning worried questioning into (gold) information and religious increase. You and that i are transformers and we’ve the potential to transform our lives and our international, where we can act as that channel for our Soul and anchor divine love into every a part of our planet.

we’re whoever we pick out to be
Our soul is the door to the infinite mind which we are able to all open and step via if we preference. What awaits us on the other facet is a knowing and feeling of being absolutely loved for who we’re. in which we sense so safe and at ease and unashamedly love of ourself. the love that lives within us erupts like a mild volcano flooding every mobile liberating our minds and our bodies to feel alive; to experience actual; to feel that have absolute which means and reason. the relationship that we sense of our supply immediately fills us with a feel of understanding that transcends all what we have been previously taught approximately who we’re. In that second we sense everywhere; as all people and we realize absolutely who we without a doubt are. we’re limitless. we’re who whoever we select to be. We become aware of the great, outstanding present that we were given. The gift of lifestyles. The present of you and i.

Sandy Hounsell founder tension loose. As a Healer, Mentor and Hypnotherapist I help males and females wreck free from tension to be calm assured, happy and on top of things. i am captivated with assisting you human beings stay a existence with out worry and with none obstacles, so that they stay the lifestyles they have got constantly dreamed of.

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