The Wheel of Destiny


Are we the product of our movements, or do the dictates of future control us? do we get the whole lot by effort, or does fate have a distinctive tale to inform? read on.

PK Mahanandia, an artist from Delhi, become sketching snap shots of human beings for a modest rate. alongside came Charlotte Von Schedvin, intrigued by the claims of a gentleman with ruffled hair, and dark mustache, that he should comic strip in 10 minutes.

Flashback years in the past: Little Mahanandia from Orissa, India, changed into informed via his mom that he would marry a lady from Royalty, from a faraway land, the possessor of a musical ear, and the owner of a forest. She could belong to the sun signal Taurus.

present generation 1975 A.D., New Delhi: Charlotte was not thrilled with the rendition of the portrait. She got here returned an afternoon later, but wasn’t satisfied. Offhand Mahanandia requested her if she owned a wooded area, and if she turned into a Taurean. She spoke back in the affirmative.

She had come from Sweden to India along the Hippie trail of the 70’s, walking across Turkey, Iran, and Afghanistan. She, along side Mahanandia, visited the sun Temple in Konark, which has the famous massive stone wheel. Charlette exclaimed in wonder, that she had a similar miniature version of the wheel, again domestic in Sweden.


He promised her that he would come to Sweden, however being an artist of modest method, he offered a bicycle. From thereon, started his journey of love, on his bicycle, alongside the hippie-trail throughout the diverse nations that Charlette traversed. He labored as an artist drawing photographs for people, who shared money, meals, and refuge with him. the ones days, in the 70’s, one did no longer need a visa to journey across a lot of those nations.

Afghanistan, a landlocked u . s . a . surrounded by mountains, changed into a peace-loving u . s ., with a flavor for tune, artwork, and subculture. He might traverse 70 kilometers (about 40 miles each day)on his bicycle till his legs hurt. He in the end reached Germany, and from there, took the teach to attain his destination in Sweden.

Charlotte helped him recover from the cultural shock he experienced in Sweden, was customary via her mother and father, and he married her, all for romance-that love, as in line with him, had no longer diminished when you consider that 1975, while the now sixty four-yr-antique gentleman were given married to Charlotte. they’ve kids; her piano continues to play the song of eternal love. they’ve their woodland; he keeps to caricature, and that they live luckily ever after.

So coming back to the query, are we the fabricated from our movements, or do the dictates of future manipulate us? perhaps both- Little Mahanandia being told of his musical Princess, the proprietor of a woodland, and believing it, Charlotte relating to the miniature model stone wheel of the solar Temple of Konark, as part of her collection, and the coming together of the 2 people in Delhi.

but, with out his motion of biking throughout countries, might they’ve got married? Who is aware of? Who can explain the inexplicable? It become all only for love.

The piano performs on; the forest keeps to burst into bloom; the sketches become life, and the Wheel of future weaves its tapestry within the united states of america, neighboring what, they call, the land of the middle of the night solar.

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